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Reasons Why Doritos Taste So Damn Good

Doritos has a devoted fan base, whether you know it as a Super Bowl snack or a taco. It’s nearly impossible to stop at one, two, or even three Doritos. Whatever you do, before you know it, your hand has reached into the bag several times, and your thumb and forefinger are coated in that distinctive orange dust.

But, as much as you enjoy your favorite snack, whether it’s Cool Ranch, Cheese Supreme, or Salsa Verde, you probably don’t know much about it. So grab a handful, just be careful not to get powdered cheese all over your keyboard, and find out why Doritos Taste So Damn Good.

Why is it So Delicious?

That cheesy powder is mainly responsible for the chips’ overall addictiveness. Not only because it is high in sugar, salt (both of which are “major pleasure solutes”), and umami tastants (all of which our taste buds adore), but it also contains acids, which cause salivation and a desire to eat. In other words, they’re literally delicious.

Fluffy Interior

The fluffy interior of Doritos is a result of the corn masa being ground into a fine powder and then baked into a solid form. The masa is then fried in oil to give it a crispy texture. The resulting product is an airy, light chip that feels like you’re eating air itself!

Doritos Coating

The coating of a Doritos chip is made from corn, vegetable oil, and salt. Cheese powder is also an addictive ingredient in this product. Combining these ingredients gives you a unique flavor experience and makes you feel full after eating them.

Corn Masa

The main ingredient in Doritos is corn masa, dough made of corn flour. It makes tortillas and other foods like tacos, burritos, and tamales. Corn masa has many benefits for your body; it’s high in fiber and protein, which can help you feel full for longer a period (which means less snacking!). If you’re looking for something savory to add to your meals that won’t go bad quickly or become gross after about five minutes (like the other kinds of flour), try making corn tortillas!

Because of the Processing, Doritos are Addictive

The process of extrusion is what makes Doritos so addictive. The corn masa, made into chips and crackers, is extruded through a die with a small hole. The corn masa becomes chips as it’s pushed through this small hole. This process creates the perfect chip shape you can bite into without breaking off pieces or getting air between them (or worse yet, getting too much between them).

Vanishing Caloric Density

Doritos dust has a stronger flavor when licked directly from your fingertips, without the chip to dilute it. Doritos contain half of their calories from fat to maximize pleasure. With that ratio, the chip melts in your mouth while your brain is tricked into thinking the calories have also vanished. This is known as “vanishing caloric density,” and it can be found in cotton candy.

Furthermore, there are three artificial colorings that research shows consumers are drawn to. And the mixture is ground so finely (one of the finest grinds in food processing) that the powder fills every nook and cranny of your mouth.

Doritos are a fantastic snack and should be in every bag of chips you buy. If you want to buy Doritos online, you can purchase them from Snackstar. They offer a wide range of international snacks with great offers and discounts.

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