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What is US CMA Course and its benefits?

Certified Management Accountant, well known as CMA, is a renowned management course offered by The Institute for Management Accountants (IMA), a US-based institute. The IMA is the most prestigious association for accounting management professionals. The US CMA qualification offers exceptional value by providing promising career opportunities, international recognition, global qualification, and in-depth knowledge of management, accounting, and business economics.


To be eligible for the CMA exam, you must be an IMA member, have a bachelor’s degree, and have at least two years of experience in financial or accounting management. The student’s passion and commitment determine the duration of a US CMA course. From the registration date, the course takes a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 3 years (as specified by IMA).

The US CMA course takes less time than to complete other financial courses and provides in-depth knowledge of various financial concepts. The CMA course has two levels: financial planning, performance and analytics, and strategic financial management. Now the blog will discuss the benefits of US CMA course.

Great Career Opportunities

You can explore various career opportunities with US CMA certification. CMA qualification provides an in-depth understanding of finance, business, and accounts that helps you grab excellent job opportunities worldwide and allows quick promotions. After becoming a Certified Management Accountant, you can work as a financial analyst, cost accountant, corporate controller, insolvency professional, and many other jobs.

High Growth

Multinational companies recognize and value the US CMA certification and offer handsome annual packages and promotions. US CMA qualification brings excellent knowledge, skills, and specialization in account management, providing candidates more power and value in any organization they work for. With a CMA qualification, you can get a higher salary than a regular bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in business and accounting, US CMA course can be your right choice.

Work Abroad

If you are aiming to work abroad, it’s necessary to pursue a course recognized in your desired country. One of the major benefits of US CMA qualification is that it is accepted worldwide, allowing you to explore job opportunities in different countries, and this is one of the significant factors behind the rapid growth in US CMA applicants across the world.

Percentage of Candidates Appearing for CMA Exam by Country.

China – 43%
United States- 19%
India – 13%
Egypt – 7%
Philippines – 3%
Pakistan – 2%
United Kingdom – 2%
Jordan – 2%
Others – 10%

Short Time Course

The US CMA course has two levels. Each level has 6 modules. IMA conducts the exam of these two levels in JANUARY-FEBRUARY, MAY-JUNE, and SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER. With dedication and focus, you can complete the CMA course in 6 to 9 months and be eligible to work as a management accountant within a year.

The US CMA course is a great combination of accounting, finance, and management strategies. So if you are aiming to explore your career in business management with accounting and finance, this course can be a perfect choice. The US CMA course is also available online through various web platforms. Bradford Learning Global is one of the best web platforms for the US Certified Management Accountants course.

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