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Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Blinds

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your home, window blinds and shutters play an important role. Choosing the perfect window covering is always a challenging task considering the variety available. In this blog, we bring you a solution to find the right blind for your window. We will shine the spotlight on the pros and cons of honeycomb blinds, one of the most popular window treatments.

Honeycomb blinds or Cellular Blinds have become so popular in Canada for the last few years because of their unique look and heat blocking feature. It includes various other features, making the blinds worthy. They are sought after for their attractive look and energy efficiency, making the blind the most popular choice for both summers and winters.

Pros of Honeycomb Blinds

Good Insulation
Honeycomb blinds come with several varieties of light-filtering features. In the summer, they are best at blocking direct light from the sun and keeping your room cool. The blind is designed with various layers of pleated fabric, helping it trap the air and minimize the heat of the house. The honeycomb blinds also work effectively during winter, making your home warm.

Privacy is everyone’s top priority, especially in urban areas. Including better insulation, if you are looking for a window covering with a great privacy feature, you can consider honeycomb blinds. The blind has multiple layers, adding a top-down and bottom-up feature, leaving no stone unturned to give you maximum privacy. The blackout fabrics of honeycomb blinds block the view of your house from the outside.

Better Noise Reduction
Too much noise from the traffic, flights, and neighbours is the major problem in a city. Installing Honeycomb blinds brings a solution for it. Cellular shades are considered as the best window covering for noise absorption. The double cell shades and blackout shades of honeycomb blinds work effectively to reduce the noise.

Protection from UV Rays
Nowadays, protecting our bodies and essential household items from harmful UV rays is one of the primary concerns. Installing honeycomb blinds keeps your furniture shaded from direct sunlight and prevents it from getting damaged.

Cons of Honeycomb Blinds

Not Suitable for Every Place
Yes, there are a few disadvantages with honeycomb blinds. They are not perfect for all rooms because the material of the blinds absorbs moisture and increases the room’s humidity. For example, bathrooms are not suitable for installing honeycomb blinds.

Difficult to Clean
Because of the specific fabric of honeycomb blinds, cleaning the blinds might be challenging for some people. The blind generally need cleaning equipment or a cleaning vendor, making it more expensive for the house owners.

Can be Expensive
Honeycomb blinds have various useful features and versatility in looks, making them slightly expensive. But yes, cellular blinds also include some budget-friendly models, depending on the shape and fabric of the blinds.



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